Our Solutions

HDG is a media & lifestyle company focused on inspiring the world to Eat, Travel and Live with Purpose. We strive to create experiences and provide services that make brands & individuals alike, come alive.




Hudson Daniel Gourmet

Hudson Daniel Gourmet is an online marketplace which caters to buyers seeking artisan and specialty food, beverage & accessory makers, and the incredible products they carry. From featuring these makers and telling their stories, to an interactive buying experience, Hudson Daniel shoppers can explore the next best thing in food and beverage.



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HD Growth Solutions

Hudson Daniel Growth Solutions offers creative marketing, branding, & back office support services, including: public relations, website creation/design, email communication, social account management, media content production, product styling, event engagement services, and more. We are also very much involved in distribution, and are the backbone of many of our partner's businesses, allowing them to create and do what they do best.




HD Media

HD Media is a group of creative storytellers who look to inspire viewers to see the world differently. Our broad genre of content ranges from food & travel docuseries to home & garden inspired television and web programming. Producers of "Meet Your Maker", a ‘reality-style’ series that features a team of friends in search of the next best thing in artisan and specialty food & beverage.




HD Events

Hudson Daniel Events creates memorable events that are designed to provoke and engage, from food festivals to business conventions. Whether it's a strategically planned interactive customer engagement event or regional B2B event, we can tailor experiences at any scale to effectively tell your story.




HD Financial Solutions

Through creative partnerships as well as non traditional and traditional finance solutions, we provide entrepreneurs and food, travel & lifestyle industry partners the tools to succeed, invest in their growth, and have a vested interest in their ongoing success.