About HDG


It started with a vision to create unparalleled experiences surrounded by food, laughter, and friends. 

HDG has since built a media & lifestyle company focused on inspiring the world to Eat, Travel and Live with Purpose.

We believe in helping entrepreneurs & brands achieve their goals through innovative solutions, consistent results, and inspirational storytelling.


We partner with the best in food, lifestyle and travel to ensure we are delivering the ultimate experiences to our customers.

Whether an artisan food maker, home & kitchenware manufacturer, hospitality provider, or simply an aspiring foodie, Hudson Daniel Group collaborates with individuals and brands that represent our values, with an uncompromising focus on quality.

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"At HDG, we believe in your vision, and no solution is one size fits all. All of our services are designed to fit your vision. We're just the engine that helps you make it happen!"

Daniel Cassara - CoFounder and Chief Visionary Officer 


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Unified by a love for sharing and experiencing all that life has to offer.

We believe in doing business with the highest quality partners so that our customers can lead the best possible lives. We support local businesses and suppliers who share our concerns and values, and build community by providing the best solutions available. 
Explore some of our partners. To us, they're family.





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