Hudson Daniel Group is a media & lifestyle company focused on inspiring the world to Eat, Travel and Live with Purpose.




We welcome you...

It is said that storytelling is at the heart of living an activated life; it is what casts its enchantment over us, conjuring up emotions that pull us towards beautiful objects and makes experiences unforgettable.
We couldn't agree more and feel that same enchantment each and every time we have the honor to connect with a entrepreneur who wants to elevate their vision, a consumer who enjoys one of their products, or simply when creating interactions that make people come alive.  

We are more than a media & lifestyle company,
we are storytellers.

Hudson Daniel Group was born out of the desire to offer solutions and experiences that make people come alive,
live with purpose, and simply live better lives.

Those motivations remain true today, and are the guiding
principles that allow us to change the way our partners,
customers and you, see the world.  

We invite you to explore HDG, our many offerings, and even the incredible partners whose visions have taken shape for the world to see.  It is our hope that this vision is seen in every person we touch, every brand we help grow, and every experience we create.




Hudson Daniel GOURMET

Hudson Daniel Gourmet is a media platform that connects you directly to artisans with stories that nourish your soul. Discover the very best specialty food & beverage makers this world has to offer. Know exactly where your food & drink comes from and the remarkable people behind it.



HD Media is a group of creative storytellers who look to inspire viewers to see the world differently. Creators of ‘Meet Your Maker’ & ‘The Restorer’, our broad genre of content ranges from food & travel docuseries to home & garden inspired TV and web programming.


HD Events

Hudson Daniel Events creates memorable events that are designed to provoke and engage, from food festivals to conventions. Whether it's interactive customer engagement or a regional B2B event, we can tailor experiences at any scale to effectively tell your story.


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We partner with the best in food, lifestyle and travel to ensure we are delivering the ultimate experiences to our customers.

Whether an artisan food maker, home & kitchenware manufacturer, hospitality provider, or simply an aspiring foodie, Hudson Daniel Group collaborates with individuals and brands that represent our values, with an uncompromising focus on quality.

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Unified by a love for sharing and experiencing all that life has to offer.

We believe in doing business with the highest quality partners so that our customers can lead the best possible lives. We support local businesses and suppliers who share our concerns and values, and build community by providing the best solutions available. 
Explore some of our partners. To us, they're family.